Today the meaning of the word “hemp” is changing dramatically. The stigma of dangerous drugs has lost its meaning in comparison with advantages of current values: the environment, health and longevity. We can observe all these benefits thanks to removal of restrictions on so-called technical grade hemp, which does not contain drug ingredients.

Modern hemp production – is claimed to be a zero waste production, raw material of which is in high demand in many areas. The fiber of the hemp stalks is strong; it does not rot while locating in the water – that is the main reason why it is so widely used in industry. Moreover, it also has antistatic and hygienic characteristics thus it is recommended to wear hemp-fiber clothes in case of some diseases. In addition, the ligneous part of the stem (tow) is widely used in the field of construction industry. Hemp seeds contain oil, protein, starch and fiber and it is also demanded in a wide range – from products for pets to medicine. It is important to mention that hemp crops clean the soil from technogenic pollution.

It is symbolical that non-narcotic hemp varieties used to withdrawn Ukrainian breeders. For us — bast culture is a traditional one. Previously, almost every rural family sowed hemp and used this product in the household. Our land and climate are ideal for growing rich harvest hemp. But there was a time when hemp production in Ukraine was almost destroyed and the rise of the industry in recent years faced a number of problems. First of all – a lack of technical capacity for processing hemp raw materials, as a result –loss of harvest.

The company “HempTehno” aims to solve the acute problems of the industry by combining breeder specialists, engineers and farmers. Creation of new processing technologies (including mobile) will allow using 100% of grown crops and increase profitability in this field. Ukrainian producers are already cooperating with foreign partners and have greater demand than supply. New technologies will deliver a new level of production, attract foreign investment and create large number of jobs in Ukraine, not only for the production of raw materials, but also for processing.