The line is intended for processing stems with chaotic arrangement of them in the layer and obtaining a same fibre of bast crops of different quality.
The estimated amount of work on processing of trusts - not less than 1,800 tons per year.
About us
We are a team of people, who have gained considerable experience and who are united by the desire to develop the industry of technical hemp.

Our purpose is to implement modern technologies into growing and processing industrial hemp. In order to achieve the wide spectrum of products we are using a proper equipment.

The uniqueness of our line is confirmed by current Ukrainian patent #118145 (26.11.2018) and International application РСТ № WO 2019/022692 A1 (31.01.2019).

This high quality raw material is necessary for production of goods in such areas as engineering, textile, medicine, etc.
Advantages of Bast Crops Line
- simplicity of a design;
- small metal capacity and energy consumption;
- small dimensions;
- possibility of processing of raw materials of different quality both from a roll, and from a bale;
- receiving fiber or bast with low percent of the shives (up to 5 %)
- high productivity (up to one ton of the entering raw material per hour).
Technical specifications

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