HEMPTECHNO — Member of European Industrial Hemp Association

HEMPTECHNO — Member of European Industrial Hemp Association
This year our company has alsovisited annual EIHA conference and presented current projects to participants. Conference has been successful and positive as always!
Many meetings were conducted, and new horizons emerge for Ukrainian hemp industry. It is observable how hemp industry is growing every year – over 330 participants from over 31 countries have visited Cologne this year, many new faces were met!
It was also a pleasure to see familiar faces and feel like in a big family once again. To see progress of European partners and how industry is not only growing in quantity, but moreover in quality of products and companies presented.

We have observed quality of products and business relations on European hemp market and thus our company have taken decision to become an official Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association! Our team is looking forward to new connections and projects that will be conducted!

Equipment for industrial hemp fibre production

The high content of cannabidiol in plant biomass of industrial hemp varieties and the low level of THC content, lets to use them as potentially profitable raw material for production of medicines based on cannabidiol. To obtain the raw material of high quality, HEMPTECHNO offers a hemp combing machine that allows to separate the leaves and inflorescences by the method of combing of the unharvested hemp stalk.

Hemp combing machine

1 – Combing harvester;
2 – Device for transporting of combed heap;
3 – Tractor;
4 – Hindcarriage


Bast crops processing line

Processing capacity- 400-450 kg/h.
Power consumption – up to 60 kW/h
Low metal capacity — the total weight of the equipment does not exceed 10 tons.
Hemp scutch content – up to 5%.

Unwinder of rolls

The unwinder of rolls is used for the gradual unwinding of a roll with hemp raw material and forming of a band for further processing.

Layer former

The layer former is intended for thinning and preparation of a band from the unwinder to the characteristics acceptable for processing in a decorticator.


The decorticator is designed for intensive separation of the scutch from the fiber, due to the braking of the stems by grooved breaker rollers.

Disintegrating mill

The disintegrating mill is intended for the final intensive separation of the scutch and partial decrease of the length of the fiber complexes

Shaking machine

The shaking machine is used to clean the fiber from the free scutch.




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15th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

Place and time: 12 — 13 June 2018, Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany.

Specialists from all over the world will meet in order to exchange information regarding the latest developments in hemp applications for fibresshivsseeds and oil as well as cannabinoids.

The program can be viewed by clicking on the link: eiha-conferenceEIHA conference organized by nova-Institut GmbH is a key event in world’s hemp industry and is annually attended by over 300 participants from 40 countries.

Our company’s delegation will be presented by:

Oleksandr Bilousov|Hemptechno LLC|Kiev|Ukraine

Sergii Koropchenko|Hemptechno LLC|Kiev|Ukraine

Eduard Kovalenko|Hemptechno LLC|Kiev|Ukraine

Viacheslav Statsenko|Hemptechno LLC|Kiev|Ukraine

International European Industrial Hemp Association Conference

On June 7th – 8th 2017 14th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) took place in Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany.

Michael Carus (nova-Institut GmbH, DE) opened this meaningful event. Such important topics were touched: Cultivation & Processing of Industrial Hemp in Europe, Quality Management of Hemp Straw from Plant to Agromaterial: Innovative Axes to a better Design of Hemp Fiber uses in Thermoplastic Composites and even Controlling Hemp Fibre Quality in the Field: the Multihemp Experience.

Вячеслав Стаценко та Марк Рейндсер
Вячеслав Стаценко та Марк Рейндсер

During the conference our representative has met with key players of European hemp industry, among whom is Mark Reinders – President of EIHA, who has underlined importance of Ukraine in hemp industry and its prospect in becoming one of the main hemp exporters in Europe

Владас-Джонас Каткевичюс з дружиною
Владас-Джонас Каткевичюс з дружиною

Prospects of Ukraine’s bright future were also underlined by Marijn Roersch– representative of German harvesting equipment manufacturer Hanffaser Uckermark, who has shown particular interest in Short Fiber Production line that is being developed by HEMPTECHNO.

Another warm meeting was conducted with Lithuanian company Soliarija, who’s owners Tomas Lunskis and Vladas-Jonas Katkevičius share vision of our company and might be become our close partners in the nearest future.

Марийн Рёрш та Вячеслав Стаценко
Марийн Рёрш та Вячеслав Стаценко

EIHA conference has shown that hemp growing industry is not just a business, but more of a lifestyle, where people share common values and goods, we are looking forward to joining this enthusiastic and rapidly growing society and visit EIHA conference next year as an equal member of the European Industrial Hemp Association.