HEMPTECHNO — Member of European Industrial Hemp Association

HEMPTECHNO — Member of European Industrial Hemp Association
This year our company has alsovisited annual EIHA conference and presented current projects to participants. Conference has been successful and positive as always!
Many meetings were conducted, and new horizons emerge for Ukrainian hemp industry. It is observable how hemp industry is growing every year – over 330 participants from over 31 countries have visited Cologne this year, many new faces were met!
It was also a pleasure to see familiar faces and feel like in a big family once again. To see progress of European partners and how industry is not only growing in quantity, but moreover in quality of products and companies presented.

We have observed quality of products and business relations on European hemp market and thus our company have taken decision to become an official Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association! Our team is looking forward to new connections and projects that will be conducted!

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